Kerry has worked with organizations in both the private and public sectors to help increase employee professionalism and expertise.  She has a passion for teaching and her goal is to inspire and empower others and to provide them the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to face their challenges with confidence. 
Over the past 15+ years Kerry has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, South and Central America, and over a dozen countries in Europe and Asia delivering training seminars and performance improvement interventions.  Some of the organizations she has taught for and consulted with include AT&T, IBM, HP, SAS, ABB, Boeing, UPS, Motorola, eBay, Cisco Systems, Verizon, Glaxo Smith-Klein, Sears, Ford, Volvo, ConAgra Foods, Nationwide Insurance, Kaiser-Permanente, Capital One, HSBC, Community Associations Institute, Brasil Telecom, Banco de Puerto Rico, Turkish Aerospace Industry, ESI International, International Affairs Council, AAIPharma, Management Training and Development Centre (Poland), Telecom Poland, and various branches of state and federal government.
Through the International Affairs Council (IAC) and a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State she has taught leadership and project managment courses to business men and women, doctors, lawyers, and politicians from throughout the former Soviet Union. 
"The opportunity to travel abroad and work with so many different and diverse cultures has been a wonderful learning experience.  It enables me to have a better understanding of not only business issues but also the interpersonal issues that global teams deal with on a day-to-day basis." 
 Coaching &  Training II.
Mission Statement:  "To inspire and empower people to meet their challenges with confidence and to help them lead more meaningful lives through the development of their special talents and gifts."