“Ms. Ahrend's communication style was exceptional and her ability to relate the curriculum to the real world was outstanding."  
"The instructor made the class interesting and fun.  Good energy level, no head nodding in this class thanks to Kerry."
"Kerry keeps the class alert and moves the material along at a swift pace.  She exhibits a thorough knowledge of the material and presents it with flourish.  She is a very accomplished instructor."
"THE BEST!  Kerry is by far the most interesting, well prepared, fun and thought provoking instructor I have had..."
"An expert in her field.  Kerry was able to reference numerous studies, authors, and books to enhance learning and understanding."
"Ms. Ahrend is excellent; driver, knowledgable, passionate about teaching, great educator.  Made material applicable to real life and set objectives/expectations and met them all."
"Kerry promoted a feeling of comfort which allowed for ease of conversation and sharing of our own experiences."  
"Extremely knowledgable of subject materials, provided excellent examples, great presentation techniques."
"One of the best I have had, kept the course fun, interesting, and flowing."
"Kerry was superb!  She knew her material in-depth and communicated effortlessly.  She impacted me permanently and has become 'the standard' for instructors."
Coaching &
Training II
Leadership is the ability to get people to do things they did not think they were capable of.
                                                      Michael Dell